Sunday, October 21, 2007

ON THE ROAD (revised Jan 2)


Jan 19-21: Mendocino / Fort Bragg

Feb 1-4: Maui Embrace Tango Festival

Feb 7 - Mar 4: In Buenos Aires

Mar 5-19: Tango Cruise (In South America and around Cape Horn)

Mar 23-24: Marathon Z in Washington DC

Apr 15-26: Tango Cruise (Around Japan and South Korea)

May 11-13: Taipei Tango Weekend

Jun 1-3: Atlanta Tango Marathon

Jul 13-15: Media Luna Tango Marathon in Tokyo

Aug 10-12: Pasional Tango Marathon in Chicago

Sep 18-27: Tango Cruise (Best of the Mediterranean)

Nov 9-11: San Francisco Tango Marathon


Jan 1-12: In Europe

Feb 2-5: Maui Embrace Tango Festival

Feb 9-Mar 4: Buenos Aires

Mar 5-19: South American Tango Cruise

Mar 22-23: NYC

Mar 24-26: Marathon Z in Washington DC

Mar 27: Teaching at Milonga Zandunga (Washington DC)

Mar 28: Teaching and DJing at ESL (Washington DC)

Mar 31-Apr 2: Dancing Fools TangoFest 8 (Fort Bragg, CA)

Apr 24-May 2: In Europe

May 3-13: Tango Cruise around the Baltic (Baltic Sea and Saint Petersburg)

Jun 2-4: Atlanta Tango Marathon

Jun 18-25: Tango Cruise in the Mediterranean (Rome - Greek Islands - Rome)

Sep 5-10: Anchorage, Alaska

Sep 15-17: Portland, OR. The Thing.

Sep 29-Oct 1: Hong Kong Tango Marathon.

Oct 5-8: Boulder Tango Festival

Nov 10-12: San Francisco Tango Marathon - SFTM 2017

Nov 17-19: Lisbon Tango Marathon

Dic 28-31: San Diego Tango Festival.