Wednesday, November 26, 2008


(Updated Oct 1, 2019)

Upcoming events:

10/1 Teaching in Healdsburg
10/3-6 Felipe DJs at Boulder Tango Festival
10/8 Felipe DJs at El Valenciano
10/10-14 Felipe DJs at Portland Tango Festival
10/15 Ayano DJs El Valenciano
10/18-21 DJing at Ann Arbor Tango Marathon and teaching.
10/25 Teaching & DJing at Genesis
10/26 Hosting the All Night Milonga at The Beat
10/27 Felipe DJs at Alberto's
10/28 Teaching at The Beat

11/1 Ayano DJs at Genesis
11/4 Teaching at The Beat
11/5 Felipe DJs at El Valenciano
11/8-10 SFTM
11/11 Teaching at The Beat
11/14-17 Felipe DJs at Tuga Tango Marathon (Lisbon, Portugal)

12/13-15 Teaching in Helsinki, Finland.
12/27-01/01 Felipe DJs at Remolino Tango DJ Marathon (Lviv, Ukraine)


Do you want to have the VACATION OF A LIFETIME?
Did you ever think of a Tango Cruise?

Apr 26-May 2: Tango Cruise Japan
Aug 8-16: Tango Cruise Baltic
Aug 16-23: Tango Cruise Norway

On posture and tango:

On dance and neuroplasticity.

On dancing and the brain.